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Exploring Reincarnation Therapy – E-book

Since 2003, students at the Tasso training program have to submit before graduation a paper in which they investigate an

Murder by Initiation

Murder by Initiation: 25 new strange stories from the practice of a past-life therapist It is a follow-up e-book to A

Reïncarnatie: Denkbeelden en Ervaringen

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Tiefenheilung und Transformation: Ein Handbuch der transpersonalen Regressionstherapie.

Die Transpersonale Regressionstherapie bietet eine Fülle Vorgehensweisen an, um zu heilen und zu transformieren. Das Ziel jeder Sitzung ist Katharsis:

Deep Healing and Transformation | Japanese

Coming soon! Currently we are working on translating Deep Healing and Transformation in Japanese. Fill in your name and emailadress here and we will email you when the translation is available. If you have any questions, please use our contact form on the contact page.