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Het Roosvenster: Een orakelboek

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Inititation in Everyday Life


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If we want to make something of our life and we need ideas, we enter a crowded market of philosophies, world views, religions, sects, gurus, practical psychology, self-help, positive thinking, NLP and mental health. There are idealists and realists on that market of ideas, traditionalists and revolutionaries, romantics and cynics, more artistic and more scientific minds. After a long study of occult literature, Hans concluded that nearly everyone plagiarized from everyone else. To bring some order in this bewildering array of occult writings, and to separate the chaff from the wheat, he found a useful tool in semantics. The overwhelming part of the occult literature is so fuzzy, that there is nothing to analyze or verify whatsoever. Of the remainder we can at least ascertain what is intrinsically consistent, i.e. does not collapse from inner inconsistencies. He found that most occult literature could be discarded. 
This book tries to put some aspects of the spiritual in an ordinary, day-to-day framework, and some seemingly ordinary aspects of daily life into a spiritual framework. Spirituality not as something that we should seek or find, but that may find us.